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What started as a launch into the entrepreneur world as a wardrobe stylist has turned into a deep search for identity and purpose. I like to say it began with my Quarter Life Crisis, which you can read more about here. My entrance into the adult world turned out very different than I ever imagined and I found the more I shared, the more others felt safe to share their struggles, desires, heartache, and joy. I felt a deep desire to serve women but I had no outlet to put that desire - until I heard "just write."

I want to rally women together to share our stories, believe that they matter, and encourage them to find connections on deeper levels than the everyday niceties. I want them to believe they are beautiful and give them those tools to needed to succeed. I want women to know they were not alone - even if that connection is thousands of miles away - and that somewhere they have a woman who is walking right along side them. 

This woman may be struggling find her purpose. She may be searching for her identity. She may be unhappy with her looks. She may be serving her community or serving the tiny hands she created. She may be starting a new season of life and wondering where to begin or feel like she is stuck in a rut. 

She may not have all the answers to the desires of her heart.

 So until then -

She Writes.

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Hi, I'm Beth

I'm a Colorado girl who married an Italian from New Jersey and we have two children that keep me busy, happy, and sometimes slightly insane. As any self-respecting mother will tell you, I survive on coffee and wine, and find I thrive in communities of deep, real relationships. While the mountains are where my soul belongs, my biggest guilty pleasure is a season of The Real Housewives and dark chocolate Acai berries. 

I occasionally freelance wardrobe style (you can see my portfolio here) and am currently launching a photoshoot project with Whitney Coudray Photography that encourages women know their worth. The Believe In Your Beautiful Project is set to begin February of 2018 - you can get more details here.

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