The Believe in Your Beautiful Project

If I was to ask you one thing you love about yourself, what would you say? Would you be able to say anything? How about anything boldy and proudly in a room full of people -preferrably a room full of other women? 

Living life confidently as a women is a struggle. We are bombarded with mixed messages and hypocritical standards. We are lead to believe that we are not enough yet told we are too much if we give voice to our greatest qualities.

After sharing similar experiences and beliefs, Whitney Coudray and I came up with the Believe in Your Beautiful Project - a photoshoot experience to help every woman see her true beauty and know that her worth is priceless.

*The first Believe in Your Beautiful Project will be held in Seattle Washington, February 2018. Future dates and cities coming soon! Join the email list below to be notified of event details and future cities.