A Broken Heart - Healed

After one year of marriage, we decided it was the perfect time to start a family. Before attempting to get pregnant, it never seriously crossed my mind that we would be one of those couples to face INFERTILITY. We were both healthy and had no known issues. I wasn’t too concerned at first, knowing it is normal for healthy couples to take 6-9 months to conceive. But as each month went by, I grew more concerned that there may be a problem. I visited my doctor after six months and she simply reassured me that it was too early to be concerned, but encouraged me to start getting things checked out after nine months. Still no pregnancy occurred so we had some testing done at the nine-month mark. The doctor called with results and we had an answer as to why pregnancy wasn’t occurring as easily as we thought it would. It wasn’t an end-of-the-world diagnosis, but it explained a lot and gave us reason to believe our struggle was not over.

We proceeded with some Rx medication, more testing, herbal remedies, and various procedures over the next couple of years with no success. The waiting process took its toll on us, me especially. I faced moments of absolute despair and then moments of miraculous rest. The fluctuation of emotion was exhausting. Two years after we began this process, we found ourselves the most emotionally raw. We were facing three months of last resort (or so we thought) procedures and weren’t very hopeful. We made a decision that we would pursue adoption if the procedures didn’t work. We didn’t want to put more time and money into fertility treatments because there was no guarantee of success. God began slowly but faithfully preparing our hearts for this change of direction. He increased a sense of peace in my heart that I never thought possible.

You guessed it. The procedures did not work. We informed our doctor that we would not be pursuing further treatment at that time. The emotional transition from infertility to adoption began. The transition was far easier than I ever expected. A miracle. In my mind, I was giving up the dream to have biological children by agreeing to adopt. But God started to change my perspective on adoption. Instead of viewing myself as a second-class woman because I couldn’t bear biological children, I began to view this change of direction as God’s perfect plan for us. I was so excited!

We did some research on adoption and adoption agencies. After speaking with friends who had adopted, we settled on a Christian agency in SC. We applied and were accepted soon after and began the arduous process of adoption. The paperwork. Oh my, the paperwork. And I thought buying a house was hard! We spent two months filling out paperwork as our second job. Lots of late nights and weekends were spent on the adoption in the midst of an already very busy summer. By the end of those months we had completed all the paperwork given to us, and submitted our home study to the agency. They sent us one last piece of paperwork to fill out before we would be ready for our visit from the social worker.

Here is where things get interesting. I kept putting off the last piece of paperwork because I wanted to wait until my next cycle began to be sure I wasn’t pregnant. I honestly hadn’t thought about becoming pregnant all summer since we finished the treatments, so I’m not sure why it was on my mind, but for some reason it was.

Fast forward to Friday, September 12, 2014. My husband had some dental work done that morning and wanted to stay low key for the rest of the day. One of his friends was in town and planned to hang out with us for the afternoon and evening. I was feeling incredibly irritable that day. Like angry-irritable. I have normal hormonal swings, but this was way different. There was a small thought in the back of my head that I could be pregnant. While the boys ran to the store for 10 minutes, I took a pregnancy test just to get my mind off of it. Well, it did anything but take my mind off of it…because it was POSITIVE!!!

I didn’t believe the test at first. I was shaking, crying, sweating, and out of control. I had to act calm as I called my husband to the bedroom to give him the news. He didn’t believe me either. With shaky hands I pulled out the pregnancy test instructions and tried to talk myself out of the positive test. It couldn’t be true! As we looked at the test we couldn’t deny the fact that those two blue lines meant positive! We hugged and cried and then had to compose ourselves again for an evening with our dinner guest.

I still didn’t 100% believe it was true. I took another test on Saturday as well as Sunday and they were both positive. I went in on Monday for a blood test just to be sure. Obviously, there was still disbelief abounding.  Our doctor called on Tuesday with the news that we were indeed pregnant! Our first appointment and ultrasound was at nine weeks along. It was absolutely exhilarating to see our baby moving on that screen and watch the little heartbeat pound at a rapid rate. What a MIRACLE!

As I sat with that little girl squirming around inside of me, I looked back with a smile over those last three years, but not because they were easy. Times were hard. Very, very hard. But God was good. Very, very good. He took us through the darkest days of our life and brought us through with changed hearts. Our faith grew, our love deepened, our trust was strengthened. We became new people with a new perspectives. Our daughter was born in the spring of 2015 and has been a source of incredible joy! She is beautiful, talkative, and hilarious! We have very full and very thankful hearts.

-Kellie Kaminski


I am a southern girl turned western! I grew up in the southeast, moved to the pacific northwest after getting married, and I now live with my husband and daughter in Salt Lake City, Utah. My husband is a cabinetry engineer and I am a stay-at-home mom and a photographer. We are part of Gospel Grace Church in downtown SLC and it’s the main reason we moved to the city! I love interior design, organizing, blogging, reading, and of course, photography! Little things in life bring me joy and I often obsess over details. You can find me online at my personal blog, Beautiful Living or you can check out my photography work at Kellie Kaminski Photography. I spend most of my social media time on Instagram and would love to connect with you there (@kelliejoy or @kelliekaminskiphotography)!

Kellie's Mom Look: 

You’ll find me in skinny jeans, a comfy, stylish sweater or shirt and a cute pair of shoes! I believe in getting fully ready every day (hair, makeup, outfit)– it makes me feel beautiful + increases my confidence + productivity!

Minimal Styling for the Modern Momma

Before I moved to St Louis from California I did what any normal, budding entrepreneur does - I perused social media to find new friends and influencers. Dacy Gillespie was one of the first people I stalked, I mean discovered, and I absolutely loved her business model as a wardrobe stylist. I struggle with the whole capsule wardrobe idea for many reasons (blog post on that soon!) and it is not the avenue I take when working with my clients. But I loved how Dacy found a middle ground between the woman who wants to have a variety of clothes but still keep her closet organized and simple. 

I sat down with Dacy to discuss her process of the Mindful Closet and some of the misconceptions around shopping purposefully. 

Minimal Styling for the Modern Momma

1. What is the mission and vision behind The Mindful Closet?

So many people deal with frustration around getting dressed everyday day. My goal is to help people relieve that stress by letting go of things they don't need and shopping mindfully to create a practical wardrobe.

2. What is the biggest struggle most women face when it comes to styling themselves purposefully?

Most women are overwhelmed by the sheer number of items in their closets. We're all constantly making decisions about raising our kids, life, and work. Having to make too many choices when getting dressed depletes the energy we need for more important decisions. If everyone went through and pulled out only the pieces that currently fit, are appropriate for daily wear (not cocktail dresses!), and they actually like, they'd see that they probably only wear about 20% of their wardrobe. By removing the rest of it (even temporarily!), you can experiment how it feels to have fewer decisions to make.

3. Some women fear the thought of capsule wardrobing, be it because they love a variety of colors and styles or they really can't live with only 37 pieces (say if they are both a mom and working professional). How is mindful shopping different than a capsule wardrobe?

Mindful shopping isn't about getting down to a set number of pieces, it's about buying things thoughtfully and not on impulse. When you buy something because it's cute or on sale without giving thought to how it fits into your lifestyle or wardrobe, you'll end up with a lot of pieces that have no practical use in your life. 

4. What is the biggest struggle into taking the leap into a mindful wardrobe and how can that be overcome?

It's different for everyone. For many, there is a fear of letting something go because they feel they might need it one day. A great example is business attire for moms who currently stay home or work in a more casual environment - when and if you go back to a formal work environment, those clothes either won't fit or might be dated by then. Donate them to Dress for Success and let someone who really needs them use them now. For others, shopping is so overwhelming that they don't know if they'll find the things they need. For still others, they buy things they know deep down they won't use for a variety of reasons. 

5. What benefits do you see in your clients who become more mindful in their wardrobe selection?

By through this process, my clients get to know themselves and their style. They become more confident in what they choose to wear and buy, and they spend much less time getting dressed!

6. What advice would you give a mom who feels like the mindful shopping concept is too difficult? She wears many hats and need clothes for running errands, the PTO meeting, and date night. What is the best way to be both conscious of your shopping decisions while needing a variety of clothing options?

Get good at accessorizing and stop mentally delegating clothes for only one use. A great pair of black jeans can work in all three of those situations with a different top, different shoes (running errands: cool sneakers, PTO meeting: flats, date night: heels) and different jewelry. Moms often don't wear their "cute" clothes for errands or school drop off because they're afraid of being too dressed up. So what if you're the cutest mom in the grocery line?! Yes, your kid might spill something on you but what's the point of owning something if you can't use it?! 

7. What is your number one tip to take the plunge into shopping more simply?

The more ways you can wear something, the more occasions it could be appropriate for, the more likely you are to use it. Keep that in mind when shopping and try to avoid items that are one-use only.


I'm a classical musician turned personal stylist and minimalist.

I grew up in Mobile, Alabama but have also lived in Portland, OR, Oberlin, OH, Huston, TX, New York, NY, and Miami, FL.

I currently reside in a Mid-Century Modern home in a sweet little neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri with my husband (a bassist for the St. Louis Symphony) and our rambunctious two-year old son (who loves construction equipment, despite my best efforts to turn him on to dolls and clothes). 

I am an introvert who loves people but hates talking on the phone, loves to eat but hates meal planning, and loves to shop but hates spending money. 

Dacy's Mom Look:

an oversized top, skinny bottoms, and boots. 




6 Tips for Setting Grace-Filled Goals

Sweet friends, you might be cringing at the name of this blog post or maybe your type A personality can’t wait to read more because you live for setting goals- either way, keep reading because there just might be a bonus at the end ;)

I don’t know how this hits you, but regardless, before we dig too deep into goals, I want to say that you are enough- yes, YOU- right where you are and exactly as you are. Please, please don’t ever feel less than by starting to compare your goals- or lack thereof- to someone else’s {been there, done that- still do at times}… be confident in who YOU are and whose YOU are and focus on your life aligning with how you’ve been uniquely created, okay?

So, with all of that being said, why do I encourage goals with my clients you ask? Well that’s because we are given one life mamas and I believe we are to steward it well. 

Sometimes stewarding it well means barely getting out of bed to put one foot in front of the other. If that’s the case for you, then please just celebrate that first foot on the floor moment and focus on surviving right now- and, don’t shy away from seeking out help and support- it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself!

Other times we are in a more “normal”/standard season and we find ourselves going about life pretty consistently… Possibly everything is pretty status quo, no really high highs, nor any really low lows… when we are in this type of season, I believe it is all too easy to just keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them {I see this time and time again in my own life and in my client’s lives}… and some might even say, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.

Yet, I don’t agree with that. In my training and life experience, if we aren’t growing consistently, we can end up in a really not so great place. We wake up one morning and suddenly realize our life is passing us by, we realize that all those things we’ve always wanted to do aren’t getting done. And, we realize that we feel stuck, unfulfilled, unsure of our purpose and our worth. We find ourselves not being the healthiest version for our people and our community- I can tell you firsthand, it’s a really yucky place to be.

Keeping that in mind, as valuable as it can be to really get clarity on your life + family purpose statement, your vision, mission and values, I believe goals are so very helpful in keeping us “on track”. They enable us to live with intention and steward our days well. Goals also provide such great encouragement as we can gauge progress we’ve made and growth we’ve experienced.

Okay, friends, let’s dive into 6 tips on goal-setting, all the while remembering that we are filling these goals with grace because life happens!

6 Tips For Setting Grace-Filled Goals

TIP 1- Journal and ask yourself what is the END goal in my life and what is the END result I am after. Then, reflect on what was working really well and what wasn’t over the last year. Perhaps make 2 columns one entitled “what worked” and one entitled “what didn’t work”.

TIP 2- Have 2, or more lists- writing all the goals in one big list isn’t super helpful… separate overarching life goals/ideas from more day to day goals and tasks. *I often see 2 extremes with this- either REALLY big goals and no day to day goals OR small goals that are more like daily tasks and don’t include dreams, life vision, etc. 

TIP 3- Break down your goals into chunks - essentially developing yearly goals and then quarterly goals that become daily tasks. That being said, I am a HUGE proponent of the 90-day year- essentially focus on the next 90-days and how to live the most intentionally in that period… then address the next 90-days. Often times, with children in the picture, it just feels like there are too many moving parts and there’s no way to make any progress so we might as well just not make goals- this 90-day approach will help, trust me.

TIP 4- Get with your spouse or a friend you really trust and ask them “What’s it like to be on the other side of me?”. Get their take on what they see going on in your life. Ask them where they see you excelling {so you can continue doing those things} and ask them where they see room for growth {so that you can build out intentional goals to start addressing those areas}.

TIP 5- Involve your children in this part of your story- the part where you want to live intentionally by making good choices. Encourage them to understand your goals and let them be involved in some way.

 *Maybe one of your goals is to have a daily quiet time but they seem to get up early too- why not encourage them to read their Bible at the same time or color in a young children’s Bible workbook/study? Or read your study aloud, or just share with them that it’s important time for you to be the best woman, best wife and best mom so you need them to respect that and entertain themselves for those quiet time minutes. How much could their involvement encourage their little hearts?

TIP 6- Addition by subtraction- it is so easy especially in this culture of more, more, more to get wrapped up in thinking that if I just add some tasks, some more organization, some more systems, etc. it’ll all miraculously get done… mamas, you and I both know that all the tools in the world don’t fix an over-stuffed, max capacity life! You HAVE to say no to things, you have to remove things to fit new things in. As I often say, “Say no to the good, so you can say yes to the best!”

BONUS tip: Align your goals with your values- in doing so, you’re so much more apt to feel motivated and inspired by them… Feel like they might be different than they were years ago? That’s completely normal, don’t worry! Many people really aren’t sure what their values are without some coaching and reflection. Aren’t sure about yours? Click here to get your own FREE Values Guide for Setting Grace-filled Goals- just enter your email and it will go straight to your inbox!

-Katie Crocombe


Katie Crocombe, the founder of Flourish + Co, is a professional life coach who partners with women to design an intentional life. Katie is passionate about encouraging women by sharing her grace-filled story in an effort to remind them of their worth and that they are so worth celebrating! 

Katie's Mom Look:

My styling tips as a married mom of two with a new business are fairly simple, not to say I don't love fashion and self-care! My go-to's in this particularly full season of my life are having my nails done, as that automatically makes me feel more put together/polished (no pun intended - ha!) and in getting them done I'm giving myself some down time. 

I also love colorful jewelry to add to a somewhat basic outfit to give some extra interest/pop of color. In addition, I love wearing bracelets and a watch every day.

Lastly, infinity scarves are a must have for me in the winter when its cold but my hair is in yet another top knot with dry shampoo. I feel they add some interest and warmth around my face and neck.


Friends, are you tired of feeling like you aren’t enough? Are you a mom who thought she’d find her purpose in motherhood and didn’t? Are you a woman who at the end of the day is really just feeling unfulfilled and unsure of what the next best steps are for you in life? Are you one of the 60% of women who doesn't know her purpose?

Then please know that there is no shame only celebration in recognizing this, and do yourself and those around you a favor and just email Katie at hello@flourishandco.com.

She will partner with you simplify, organize, uncover your unique purpose, help you set grace-filled goals, hold you accountable, challenge you and help you say no to the good so you can say yes to the best.

And, since Katie is a friend of The Mom Look and is just officially launching the Flourish + Co website + blog she is offering ALL readers 10% off her professional life coaching packages that are booked in 2017 and an additional $100 off packages booked by 2/28 with the code TMLFCLAUNCH!!!

 You can also follow along on Instagram- her favorite- for consistent encouragement and lots of giveaways all week!! @flourishandco_

Laying a Foundation of Self-Care

So here’s what I think: being a mom is totally amazing in so many ways. It’s absolutely life-altering. Once you have a child, nothing about you or your life will ever be the same again. Including your body.

 For many women, the physical changes in their body after giving birth are disappointing or embarrassing. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where there’s lots of body shaming. Moms are expected to “bounce back” quickly and “lose the baby weight.” Weight loss programs and fitness professionals promise to “give you your body back”. (What does that even MEAN?? Has your real body gone missing somewhere?) Before and after pictures are splashed all over social media showing drastic transformations from flabby and sad to flat-stomached and smiling.

 All of this can occasionally be motivating--but mostly it’s just discouraging and depressing. For those women who aren’t a walking “after” picture (I’m raising my hand here!), it can be frustrating to feel like your body should look the way it used to and not be able to get it there. You may feel like a failure that you just can’t look the way you used to.

 As a holistic nutritionist and eating psychology coach, I work with lots of women who are frustrated with what they perceive as their inability to lose weight. They are brainwashed by society’s claims that even something as life-altering as giving birth shouldn’t leave a woman looking any different. And that makes me sad. Because honestly, WHY should we look like we used to? Everything about our lives is different now. Why shouldn’t our bodies be different too?

I don’t buy into the whole “body after baby” concept. You are not a before and after picture. You are not broken, no matter how much weight you gained during or after your pregnancy. You don’t need to be fixed, no matter how saggy your stomach is or how your jeans fit. The problem is not with you--it’s with your perception of yourself. 

You are not broken...You don’t need to be fixed...

Instead of trying to “fix yourself” by losing weight and trying to grasp at some elusive body image, try flipping your perspective on its head. I think that what women really want isn’t to lose weight--it’s to feel good in their own skin. And that can be achieved at any size. Health isn’t a number on the scale or a BMI range--it’s a way of living, of taking care of the body you have. That includes nutrition and exercise, of course, but it’s SO MUCH MORE than just that. It’s about treating yourself like you’d treat your child: with love, respect, and kindness. Your body isn’t out to get you, and it’s not trying to ruin your life. You don’t need to be at war with yourself anymore. Let’s call a cease fire and put down our weapons.

 Instead, it’s time to join forces WITH your body. Listen to what it’s telling you, what it’s asking for, what it needs. Just as you tune into the different cries of your toddler (the hurt cry, the angry cry, the tired cry), tune into the ways your body is crying out for your attention. This may be in the form of symptom or weight gain, and it might take some time and practice to learn to hear the message.

 The best way to start tuning into your body wisdom is to care for yourself. And one awesome way to do this is by taking a few minutes each day to pamper yourself physically. Pampering doesn’t have to be a long day at the spa--it can be any small thing that makes you feel more like yourself, that makes you feel more at home in your body.

 Which leads me to my favorite mom-style tip: take a little bit of time every single day to make yourself feel beautiful. No matter how busy you are, you’re never too busy to give yourself this gift. This doesn’t have to be something specific, it might be different for everyone, and it may not even have anything to do with how you look to other people. This is about learning to care for yourself in a way that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and more able to care for your family! 

It’s about treating yourself like you’d treat your child: with love, respect, and kindness.

For me, I do this by getting dressed Every. Single. Day. I never allow myself to lounge around in pajamas because it makes me feel lazy and unproductive. No matter what clothes I wear, I commit to putting on real clothes because it makes me feel better and, therefore, makes me act better! It’s a small thing, but it makes a big difference to me. For you, it might be putting on mascara every day, or keeping your toenails painted bright pink, or wearing cute jewelry that make you feel amazing. Maybe it’s just making sure you make time to take a quick shower every day. Whatever small thing you know you love and will make a difference in how you feel in your own skin, treat yourself and do it every day!

 This is deceptively easy. You might be thinking, “What in the world does getting dressed every morning have to do with the way I feel about my body?” But I promise, it’s connected. Showing up for yourself, even in small ways, lays a foundation of self-care that you can build on.

 During this busy season of life, when your attention is often so far from your own needs and concerns, taking just a few moments a day to care for yourself can be a big deal. It will connect you to yourself. And eventually, when the kids grow up a little and some of the chaos diminishes, you get a little more sleep, and you can move forward with even more good habits, you’ll be ready.

 During these times when you literally don’t have time to cook yourself healthy food or exercise every day or take an hour just for yourself, you can still keep your head above water by giving yourself the gift of a few minutes each day of self-care. Please commit to doing this for yourself. Your body will thank you.

-Stephanie Webb


Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here with you all--I just love what Beth with The Mom Look is doing and this awesome, uplifting community she is building. My name is Stephanie Webb, and I’m the founder of Eat Happy Nutrition. I’m a holistic nutritionist, and Eating Psychology Coach, and a mom to three kids (ages 9, 8, and 6). My husband is a pilot in the Air Force and we just recently moved to San Antonio, TX for our last military assignment before he gets out and we join the civilian world. :) I’m a lover of good books and good food, and my favorite household chore (the only one I enjoy or agree to do willingly) is vacuuming.

Follow along on Facebook for daily free videos or on Instagram @eathappynutrition

Stephanie's Mom Look

Take a little bit of time every single day to whatever makes you feel beautiful.

Holding On To Passions Through Motherhood


Not something I necessarily saw in my future when I had my son 3 ½ years ago. I had a feeling the shift from my more than full time dream job to stay-at-home mom was going to be a little bit challenging but you really can't be fully prepared for it. I remember scoffing at the girls growing up that wanted to be a mom when they were older. I didn't see it as a lofty goal or something to aspire to, more just something that happened. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I began to desire motherhood. Deeply desire even. God was working on my heart and revealing how a life serving at home could be a fulfilling dream as well.


I should explain that my job before husband and kids was a horse trainer and riding instructor. I mean, I was riding ponies for a living, not much can beat that. After meeting and marrying my (military) husband, we soon got sent to the East Coast. We decided that would be as good a time as any to start a family. I was absolutely unprepared for motherhood. Newborn motherhood to be specific. I want to be able to "fix" things and sometimes there's just no "fixing" a baby that won't stop crying.

I was also unprepared for God removing horses from my life. It became pretty apparent that was what was happening and I finally gave in and stopped fighting it. Years later I realized that without removing that from my life, I wouldn't have found photography. About a year after my son was born I was taking photography clients and being so fulfilled by it. After a year of being booked solid, I realized this could be a great business possibility and I was loving the flexibility it gave me to be home with my son.

Fast forward 2 more years and I have a baby girl and we have been moved back to the PNW (my heart). God also provided a house FIVE MINUTES from the barn so as well as having a thriving photography business, I also have the added distraction of ponies just down the street. I've gone from feeling alone and isolated at home with a baby to being spread too thin and taking on too much.

Something a photography mentor once said that has stuck with me is:

"every time you say no to a client or commitment, you are saying yes to your family."

That hit me hard. I don't like to say no. I like to help people, serve people. But when I realized that meant I was saying no to the people that meant the most to me, I liked that less.

Do I have this figured out? Nope. But I am making better decisions for me and my kids. I'm being pickier about the clients I take on, the commitments we say yes to. Spending more time at home and not rushing around all the time. I don't think there is ever a perfect balance or a way to "do it all" but more of an ebb and flow. The fall is my busy season and I will work a little more then usual, but then I will take all of December off and keep things slow through the winter.

How do you balance passion and work while still being there for your family? I feel like this is something we can take on together and keep each other accountable. Let's keep the discussion going because having a village is so much more enriching then being alone in this.

-Whitney Coudray


I'm the photographer/owner at Whitney Coudray Photography. I specialize in family photography and have a passion for the adventurous family that loves the outdoors. Wife to Aaron, mom to Eli (3) and Chloe (7 months). Currently residing in Poulsbo, WA. My hobbies are my work, horseback riding and photography to keep me busy and fulfilled. I love most food - Vietnamese and pasta are two favorites. Aaron and I have a plan to get to Europe by our 10 year anniversary and I daydream about wandering the streets of Italy almost daily.

Whitney's Mom Look:

Toms booties, skinny jeans, and a fun (but comfortable) top.


The Mom Look Gift Guide

Gifts For The Busy Momma

If you are anything like me, the holiday season tends to come out of nowhere. I spend months longing for it, dreaming about all the fun activities we'll do, and vowing to be more present this season than I was last season. But in reality, one minute I'm sweating my face off wishing for fall to just get here already and the next I'm seeing Facebook status updates that its 20 days until Christmas and I have yet to buy a single gift.

As most women can attest, we are the ones in charge of all gift purchasing, extended family, friends, neighbors, and the like. I love giving gifts and always stress over finding the best one. When I give gifts I feel the need to make the person feel valued and treasured. The gift needs to be meaningful and thoughtful, letting the receiver know I was listening when you mentioned you liked Adele 6 months ago. However, all that brain space leaves little room for the answer to the question "what would you like for Christmas?"  I usually say gift cards as I'm sure most of you would agree on, which have a certain luxury in and of themselves when said mall trip is paired with a latte and no kids ALL DAY.  But it also doesn't give you something you can truly enjoy on Christmas day, nor does it allow the gift giver a sense of accomplishment in buying something meaningful for you.

So, in the spirit of all mommas out there stressing over holiday shopping, here is The Mom Look's Gift Guide for mommas - gifts that will leave you thankful, refreshed, and encouraged. *pass on to family and friends accordingly*

Momma Bear Tee - The Oyster's Pearl

Oh how I love this tee and this adorable shop! This sweet family are the original "Momma Bear" makers and their products are amazing. The Oyster's Pearl carries so many adorable screen printed items that are sure to take your casual jeans and tee-shirt day (read: mom uniform) up a notch. Order by December 15th for Christmas delivery - free shipping on all US orders! Shop Here

Mama Bear Tank Listing.jpg

Hello World Paper Co.

I am a sucker for stamps - I feel like it gives this non-crafty momma a chance at looking like I tried. Add some holiday fun to your cards this year, create personalized gift tags, or save a hand cramp by custom ordering a return address stamp (yes, please!). Order by December 14th. Shop Here

stamp 117 pine-01.jpg

Holl and Lane Magazine

I love when other women come together to share their journey and lift each other up. This is the perfect gift for those moments when you just need a pick me up, time to breath, and looking to hit the reset button. From Editor in Chief, Sarah Hartley: 

Holl & Lane is a bimonthly publication focused on telling real stories from everyday women. We are behind the movement for more honest media. The mission behind our magazine is that each time you open up and share your story, you help someone else feel less alone. We've had stories on addiction, mental health, miscarriage, infertility, divorce, new motherhood, and so much more! We're starting conversations that need to be had. The magazine is jam packed with real stories - not lists and ads. All of our stories have the common thread of inspiring the reader to know that they too can overcome their situation and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In addition, we donate $1 from each sale to a charity based on the theme of the issue.

One Year Print Subscriptions: $75, One Year Digital Subscriptions: $24. Shop Here


Danyelle Woods Designs

Being a mountain girl at heart, I tend to have an affinity for all things rustic. These handlettered woodburned designs are so gorgeous, I still can't get over how beautifully Danyelle creates her pieces. Custom orders are available to fit that perfect place in your home. Order by December 10th. Shop here

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Red Cup Mug - By Cami Monet

Raise your hand if you love holiday drinks from that devilish mermaid who beckons you to pay for her overpriced drinks? Now raise your other hand if the thought of lugging children to said coffee heaven, which will undoubtedly include long lines and whining for you to buy them all the things, sounds more like a trip to well, the other place that starts with an 'h'? That is why I am so in love with these Red Cup Season mugs from Cami Monet. Hand painted and perfect for feeling festive without leaving your house (or pajamas). Order by December 17th - get a special 10% off for being a Mom Look reader with code THEMOMLOOK. Shop Here

The Intentional Planner - Lucy Celebrates

There are two things I feel like I am constantly struggling with then it comes to embracing motherhood - staying super organized and finding quiet time with the Lord. Lucy from Lucy Celebrates took these two challenges to create The Intentional Planner; a planner designed to help you stay organized and stay in scripture. Each planner is filled with yearly vision pages, monthly intentions for areas of your life such as health or business, daily journaling or prayer, and inspiring bible verses. What a beautiful way to embark on each day with intentionality and service. Order by December 19th. Shop Here

Lovely Retro Renos

Can you say gallery wall?! These gorgeous state watercolors are the perfect backdrop for your living room and bring a little bit of pretty to your space. For the momma always on the go, I love the idea of creating a wall featuring all the places you've lived or for the states your children were born. Order by December 10th. Shop Here



Last year it was all about the blanket scarf. This year it's all about the chunky scarf. These scarves from Lilimili are handmade in the UK which make them even better in my book (after living there for several years I kind of a have a special place in my heart for all things British). All the wool is special ordered to create these beautifully soft pieces. Order by December 18th, ships to the US for approximately $38. Shop Here


Bonnie Bryant Creative

How adorable are these? Take your favorite family photo and turn it into a fun watercolor print. All pieces are custom made. Shop Here

Bonnie Bryant Creative Gift Guide Image.jpg

Professional Photos

As a wardrobe stylist who works closely with photographers, I consider professional photos to be something unmatched. There is no other medium that will stop time completely and allow you to live in the moment than photographs. Some of my most cherished items are photos of my children or those passed down of my grandparents. Yet I also think it is one of the most overlooked things in a momma's life. Schedules get busy, self-esteem takes a hit, or buying new soccer cleats take precedent. But I want to encourage you to put those all aside. Schedules will always be busy so make the time, your children and husband see you in a much better light than you see yourself so push your insecurities aside, and asking for photos as a gift can help ease the financial strain. Take time to research your favorite photographer and get those beautiful professional photos taken that can adorn your walls well beyond the teenage years, or choose a lifestyle session so you can always remember what it was like to see that little diapered bum run through the hallway. Getting professional photos done is one way you can live intentionally and with purpose. *Need help finding one in your area? Fill out a contact form here and I can get you in touch with some of the best that I've personally worked with.