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Gifts For The Busy Momma

If you are anything like me, the holiday season tends to come out of nowhere. I spend months longing for it, dreaming about all the fun activities we'll do, and vowing to be more present this season than I was last season. But in reality, one minute I'm sweating my face off wishing for fall to just get here already and the next I'm seeing Facebook status updates that its 20 days until Christmas and I have yet to buy a single gift.

As most women can attest, we are the ones in charge of all gift purchasing, extended family, friends, neighbors, and the like. I love giving gifts and always stress over finding the best one. When I give gifts I feel the need to make the person feel valued and treasured. The gift needs to be meaningful and thoughtful, letting the receiver know I was listening when you mentioned you liked Adele 6 months ago. However, all that brain space leaves little room for the answer to the question "what would you like for Christmas?"  I usually say gift cards as I'm sure most of you would agree on, which have a certain luxury in and of themselves when said mall trip is paired with a latte and no kids ALL DAY.  But it also doesn't give you something you can truly enjoy on Christmas day, nor does it allow the gift giver a sense of accomplishment in buying something meaningful for you.

So, in the spirit of all mommas out there stressing over holiday shopping, here is The Mom Look's Gift Guide for mommas - gifts that will leave you thankful, refreshed, and encouraged. *pass on to family and friends accordingly*

Momma Bear Tee - The Oyster's Pearl

Oh how I love this tee and this adorable shop! This sweet family are the original "Momma Bear" makers and their products are amazing. The Oyster's Pearl carries so many adorable screen printed items that are sure to take your casual jeans and tee-shirt day (read: mom uniform) up a notch. Order by December 15th for Christmas delivery - free shipping on all US orders! Shop Here

Mama Bear Tank Listing.jpg

Hello World Paper Co.

I am a sucker for stamps - I feel like it gives this non-crafty momma a chance at looking like I tried. Add some holiday fun to your cards this year, create personalized gift tags, or save a hand cramp by custom ordering a return address stamp (yes, please!). Order by December 14th. Shop Here

stamp 117 pine-01.jpg

Holl and Lane Magazine

I love when other women come together to share their journey and lift each other up. This is the perfect gift for those moments when you just need a pick me up, time to breath, and looking to hit the reset button. From Editor in Chief, Sarah Hartley: 

Holl & Lane is a bimonthly publication focused on telling real stories from everyday women. We are behind the movement for more honest media. The mission behind our magazine is that each time you open up and share your story, you help someone else feel less alone. We've had stories on addiction, mental health, miscarriage, infertility, divorce, new motherhood, and so much more! We're starting conversations that need to be had. The magazine is jam packed with real stories - not lists and ads. All of our stories have the common thread of inspiring the reader to know that they too can overcome their situation and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  In addition, we donate $1 from each sale to a charity based on the theme of the issue.

One Year Print Subscriptions: $75, One Year Digital Subscriptions: $24. Shop Here


Danyelle Woods Designs

Being a mountain girl at heart, I tend to have an affinity for all things rustic. These handlettered woodburned designs are so gorgeous, I still can't get over how beautifully Danyelle creates her pieces. Custom orders are available to fit that perfect place in your home. Order by December 10th. Shop here

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Red Cup Mug - By Cami Monet

Raise your hand if you love holiday drinks from that devilish mermaid who beckons you to pay for her overpriced drinks? Now raise your other hand if the thought of lugging children to said coffee heaven, which will undoubtedly include long lines and whining for you to buy them all the things, sounds more like a trip to well, the other place that starts with an 'h'? That is why I am so in love with these Red Cup Season mugs from Cami Monet. Hand painted and perfect for feeling festive without leaving your house (or pajamas). Order by December 17th - get a special 10% off for being a Mom Look reader with code THEMOMLOOK. Shop Here

The Intentional Planner - Lucy Celebrates

There are two things I feel like I am constantly struggling with then it comes to embracing motherhood - staying super organized and finding quiet time with the Lord. Lucy from Lucy Celebrates took these two challenges to create The Intentional Planner; a planner designed to help you stay organized and stay in scripture. Each planner is filled with yearly vision pages, monthly intentions for areas of your life such as health or business, daily journaling or prayer, and inspiring bible verses. What a beautiful way to embark on each day with intentionality and service. Order by December 19th. Shop Here

Lovely Retro Renos

Can you say gallery wall?! These gorgeous state watercolors are the perfect backdrop for your living room and bring a little bit of pretty to your space. For the momma always on the go, I love the idea of creating a wall featuring all the places you've lived or for the states your children were born. Order by December 10th. Shop Here



Last year it was all about the blanket scarf. This year it's all about the chunky scarf. These scarves from Lilimili are handmade in the UK which make them even better in my book (after living there for several years I kind of a have a special place in my heart for all things British). All the wool is special ordered to create these beautifully soft pieces. Order by December 18th, ships to the US for approximately $38. Shop Here


Bonnie Bryant Creative

How adorable are these? Take your favorite family photo and turn it into a fun watercolor print. All pieces are custom made. Shop Here

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Professional Photos

As a wardrobe stylist who works closely with photographers, I consider professional photos to be something unmatched. There is no other medium that will stop time completely and allow you to live in the moment than photographs. Some of my most cherished items are photos of my children or those passed down of my grandparents. Yet I also think it is one of the most overlooked things in a momma's life. Schedules get busy, self-esteem takes a hit, or buying new soccer cleats take precedent. But I want to encourage you to put those all aside. Schedules will always be busy so make the time, your children and husband see you in a much better light than you see yourself so push your insecurities aside, and asking for photos as a gift can help ease the financial strain. Take time to research your favorite photographer and get those beautiful professional photos taken that can adorn your walls well beyond the teenage years, or choose a lifestyle session so you can always remember what it was like to see that little diapered bum run through the hallway. Getting professional photos done is one way you can live intentionally and with purpose. *Need help finding one in your area? Fill out a contact form here and I can get you in touch with some of the best that I've personally worked with.